About Patches

Transdermal delivery and release systems have been on the market since the 80′s. There’s been more than 20 years of extensive research put into this technology. Most major pharmaceutical companies market Transdermal systems for dispensing medical agents and other solutions, including the well-known anti-smoking Nicotine patch.

The transdermal delivery and release system provides an efficient, safe, and easy to use method for delivering active ingredients to the body through intact skin, offering advantages over the traditional dosage forms. Supplements are delivered directly to the blood stream: nothing gets burned up in stomach acid and there is no metabolic degradation.

The transdermal delivery system also eliminates the problem of ‘dose dumping’. Dose dumping, in short, is the premature and exaggerated release of a drug. Sometimes dose dumping can significantly increase the concentration of a drug, which can lead to undesirable effects. Transdermal patches, however, have a flexible system of multi-layered polymeric laminates and reservoir system which stores and releases active ingredients under rate control.

SuperHealthPatch.com patches are made of premium quality ingredients in the USA from FDA approved sources using a proprietary process and are food supplements that are completely safe for human consumption. Patches are hypoallergenic, do not contain any Latex, and are gluten-free.

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